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When Was The Last Time You Got What You Asked For?

Until recently, the RTA Fleet offices were having trouble getting the truck bodies they asked for. Why was this so hard?

The Fleet offices had no way to visualise how their truck would look, even how much payload they could carry. The specification contained too few drawings to clearly communicate the design intent. So, the RTA came to us with the desire to help them update their Truck Specifications.

  1. We provided full colour 3D isometric drawings to help visualise how their trucks would look, fully furnished.
  2. We made a complete drawing set showing the right amount of detail to help fabricate these trucks.
  3. We also communicated with a range of body builders to incorporate the best design practices.
  4. We even made a detailed cutting list to help their body builders deliver more accurate and competitive quotes.
  5. The models used to generate the drawings have also been used in FEA to get the trucks certified.
  6. All this leaves nothing to chance!

At the date of publication:

  • • The 1st Tipper & Table Top has been built by a new body builder as per drawings GreenStorm produced.
  • • These trucks passed the certification process with flying colours – they will be the 1st of its kind in Australia.

If you're tired of leaving things to chance, then we can help spell out your design requirements with full detailed drawings!

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