Large and Small Experiences

  • Our composites experiences range from
  • Chemical Tankers and Truck mounted concrete mixers
  • to Concrete chutes and Utility Poles
  • From Concept to final product and tooling design
  • We've used all common materials and methods including
  • Hand Laminting, Filament Winding, Vacuum Infusion
  • Carbon, Glass and Armids (CFRP, GFRP)
  • Epoxy, Vinylester, Polyester resins

Proven Approach

  • First we try and understand the problem to be solved
  • Then we look for the best and cheapest compromise to design a solution
  • We use a proven FEA approach to find load paths and their magnitudes for a given shape
  • We then optimize the ply to design the minimum laminate
  • This is far cheaper than building, testing and breaking prototypes

Size and Shape matter!

  • In our experience shape matters most
  • It determines the path that load follows through a structure
  • Composites are no different to traditional materials
  • If the shape is wrong, you can just keep chucking material at it to fix it
  • Eventually you'll get there, but it will cost you in materials and labour.