Strain Gauges

What are Strain Gauges?

  • They are sensors that measure surface stresses and strains
  • In tension and compression (stretching and squeezing)
  • They range in size from say 2mm to 200mm
  • As they stretch their resistance changes
  • We measure the tiny changes in resistance
  • They are one type of sensor we use in Monitoring / Testing
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Strain Gauges

Are Strain Gauges Expensive?

  • No, the gauges themselves are cheap
  • There are some consumables like wire and glue
Strain Gauges

So why use GreenStorm?

  • The trick is...
  • Choosing the right gauges and glue for the materials and expected conditions
  • Putting them in the right places to get meaningful results
  • Getting accurate data out
  • Knowing what to do with the data
  • The sensing and data aquisition instruments are expensive
  • And the data crunching software ain't cheap (spreadsheets dont cut it!)
Strain Gauges