Finite Element Analysis

(Finite Element Analysis) allows you to find the
strengths and weaknesses of your product.

Before you spend money on making the real thing?

Finite Element Analysis - It's a virtual stress test.
We build a computer model of your product / structure that calculates how it it performs with your materials and the loads.

The FEA model breaks bigger things down into finite bits (elements), and analyses them!

After the model is analysed you can see where it will break and how much it deflects.


Benefits Of FEA

  • FEA can be one of the quickest and easiest methods of detecting problems with your design.
  • Early detection means that the issues can be resolved even before your design goes to production.
  • FEA gives you the confidence to know that your design will serve its intended purpose.
FEA piston medium

FEA for Steel Fabrications

Ever beefed up a steel fab to make sure it wouldn't break?

Often beefing things up just moves the high stress somewhere else!

Worse still, fabrications subject to fatigue can take a long time to fail.

Make sure you know how your steel fabrications will actually perform...

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crane superstructure 01 medium

FEA for Parts

Ever got a product through prototype, tooling and manufacture only to find that your customers found a way to break it?

FEA is a cheaper way to build and break parts.

Identify any problems then quickly test ideas to fix them.

Check your plastic, metal and sheet metal parts...

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FEA - Cap - Large

FEA for Assemblies

See how parts interact in the context of their assembly.

You get an FEA analysis and report for your design showing how it will perform under given loads.

Plus we provide suggestions on ways to improve the design, if improvements can be made.

FEA Assembly Medium

FEA for Composites

We have developed a process to rapidly optimise material quantities and orientations in the composite layup, as well as providing invaluable insight into fatigue and ultimate failure situations.

We even design tooling for large composite structures. FEA offers a real opportunity to save money on materials for composite manufacturing.

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Feasibility FEA

Early in the design cycle...
Feasibility FEA allows you to test your concepts to see if you are even in the ball park.

Find out if your idea is worth investing any more money and time in!


Optimisation FEA

In the middle of the design cycle, when you are trying to find the best design compromise...

FEA allows you to quickly iterate between design variations and get optimise your results.

Conducting FEA on a virtual model is much cheaper and faster than making and testing actual prototypes.


Validation FEA

At the end of the design cycle OR for pre-existing products....

“I don't think there is anything wrong with it, but just to be sure...” (Famous last words)
If you need to know precisely how your product is going to perform, Validation FEA uses advanced simulation methods to give you an in-depth look into the structural mechanics of your product.

Pressure_Vessel_QCFEA2 medium

Forensic FEA

It's too late! Something has already broken...
But, how will you fix the problem(s)?

If you need to find out where and why something has gone wrong. Forensic FEA help find the root cause problem for you.


FEA For Certification

We can build a virtual model of your product, test it against its expected working conditions, and approve your designs for their intended purpose, providing you with a “Fit For Purpose” Engineering Certificate.

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