Sort through the rubbish and reduce downtime

Quick Check FEA for Steel Fabrications...

Sort through the rubbish and reduce downtime!

Thomas & Coffey had a problem with one of their customer's Sydney waste recycling trommels.

Despite continued repairs, the structure kept failing by fatigue.  Naturally, this usually happened over the weekend.

When the trommel fails, production stops so garbage trucks need to be diverted straight to landfill.  This gets expensive.

Thomas & Coffey needed to find out why these cracks were appearing, so they could fix the trommel and reduce downtime in the plant.

We used our NEW Quick Check FEA for Steel Fabrications Service to tackle the problem.

The Quick Check™ FEA results correctly identified the real world problem areas and gave an explanation of why they were breaking.  These results are now being used to design a better trommel.

The Result

Thomas & Coffey are giving great service to their customer by reducing downtime. Without GreenStorm's Quick Check FEA, this process would not be nearly as quick or easy.

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