Can a Chemical Tanker be good for the Environment?

I've been asking myself that - but why don't you decide...

  1. The Omni Tanker carries tonnes more payload than conventional chemical tankers because of it's clever design and carbon fibre construction.
  2. Better still, the Omni Tanker has a chemical resistant interior that can be washed out to carry "back" loads, doubling the payload of a round trip.
  3. And best of all, the Omni Tanker is safer than existing tankers, because it is less likely to rupture in a crash.

Our FEA methods allowed Evolution Tankers to see how the tanker would perform before they committed to expensive tooling and prototypes.

The Dangerous Goods Approval process was also based on our FEA results which saved Evolution Tankers doing extremely expensive crash testing.

GreenStorm also produced all the 3D models used for tooling plugs and moulds for the tanker.

Thanks Bill, Daniel and Brian for allowing us to help you design and FEA this amazing Aussie innovation. All the best as you grow your business in the future and take the Omni Tanker to the world.

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