Assembly Drawings for Non Engineers

3D Full Colour Assembly Instructions that anyone can understand.

Ever looked at a 2D drawing and understood it instantly?
Ok - so you're a legend, but what about everyone else you have to work with?

We have new software that allows us to easily create 3D full colour drawings that allow anyone to spin and zoom around a product in PDF format.

So suddenly the drawings are much easier to interpret, even for untrained eyes. This means that everyone in your team can understand the product and have their say about its design or manufacturing.

Talk to us if you think it would be good to utilise your existing CAD models to easily get 3D rendered images of your product and create...

  • Assembly instructions for your customers
  • Repair instructions for your customers
  • Assembly steps for a production line
  • Spare parts catalogues

Our new software imports just about any 2D & 3D format!
Click here to download a simple example in PDF format.

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